Tactics and Praxis: Creativity, Pleasure and Ethics in Academic Work

This conference, which develops out of our series of seminar workshops, aimed to reinvigorate approaches to academic work in its relation to creativity, ethics and pleasure. It explored cutting-edge work that brings praxis and research into contact in creative ways. The full conference programme can be viewed at www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/28658

From the outset of our planning for this conference, when it was originally conceived as an in-person event in early 2020, we intended one of our ‘outputs’ to be a collaborative quilt, to be stitched together from participants’ textile responses on distributed squares of fabric (not only with stitch but e.g. paint, writing etc. as well).

Since moving online, we have chosen to take the quilt online as well, which is a wonderful way for each patch to have its own presence (a click will take you through to some words about it) as well as hugely expanding the range of media possible: anything goes as long as it can be submitted as a square, digital image.

We have been inspired by the work of Arts Refuge with their ‘Coronaquilt’, pieced together via Instagram images in which contributors responded to the pandemic in their own way. It can be viewed at: https://www.artrefuge.org.uk/coronaquilt-gallery